Mobile Bar Code Scanning Becoming Mainstream

Mobile Bar & QR Codes have been popular in Asia for years and until recently scanning apps on phone were considered niche applications, but it seems that mobile bar code scanning is catching on quickly.
In a recent study by Compete, 28% of smart phone users have used bar code scanning applications. Android users have the highest adoption rates (48%) followed by iPhone users (39%) and Blackberry users (14%).

  • Over half of the active respondents scanned code while in a store to compare prices
  • 23% scanned to learn more about the product
  • 13% scanned so they could make a mobile purchase

What does this mean to you:
People are starting to use mobile bar codes not just for information, but to
make purchases.
In Central Florida, there are nearly 700,000 smart phone owners.
QR Codes are a great bridge between print and digital solutions.
They will expand your reach and put your message in the palm of
consumer’s hands.
For more information on QR Code solutions or how we can help you get the results you need, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Representative or
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: Compete


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