Why Social Media?

The reasons why businesses need to be involved in social media stretch
beyond the more than 500 million active Facebook users.
It starts with reasons why consumers follow a brand or association on Facebook.

  • 40% follow to receive a discount or promotion (top reason)
  • 36% follow to get a “freebie”
  • 33% follow to get updates on future products
  • 30% follow to stay informed on future sales

It’s much more than just showing support for brands they like, it’s about actionable consumer behavior.

What Does This Mean To You?
As a business, you need to use social media to your advantage.
Integrate it into your overall marketing strategy. Make sure that your social
media delivers some kind of value to your customers and followers.
Ultimately, you want your social media offerings to create results for your
business.  For more information on how to optimize and monetize your
social media presence, contact your Orlando Sentinel Representative or
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: Exact Target/CoTweet


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