The Importance of Social Media – “Likes” Beat Reviews

A recent survey from Harris Interactive shows that social media and search can affect your operations.

  • Over half of adults under 35 visit more than 2 websites before checking out a business
  • Over six in ten visit Google, 24% visit Facebook, 21% visit review sites and 17% clicked the first link on a search page
  • 20% of people said they “Like” businesses to show their support, versus just 13% who write reviews
  • 40% of people under 40 “Like” businesses they like, that number jumps to nearly half with people age 18-24

 Why Is This Important To You?
First impressions are everything and now those many of those first impressions are made online.
What is your search strategy?
 Is your website and social media offerings a good ambassador for company?
Do you think that the content is engaging?
Have you provided enough value for them to “like” you?
Website and social media presences shouldn’t be an afterthought, nor should the way you market them.
For more information on how to get the most out of your digital capabilities, please contant your Orlando Sentinel representative or
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: Harris Interactive


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