Creating Results With Email

Did you know that 90% of Americans get at least one permission-based email every day.  These are emails that they have asked to receive and are an effective way for you to reach your customers

  • Nearly 50% always open mail from their favorite companies
  • 70% said they subscribed to receive a discount
  • Half of all consumers said they made a purchase because of an email
  • 56% of people age 15-24 sign up for emails looking for deals

Why this matters to you:
Email marketing gives you a great opportunity to engage clients.  You can target current and prospective customers in a highly efficient manner.  Following the correct procedures will ensure that you and your customers maintain a good relationship.  Make sure your email communication is permission based , never SPAM.   Email marketing done poorly is not only ineffective but can cost you a lot of money.  Violations of the CanSpam Act can cost up to $16,000 per occurance.  For more information on how we can help you create efficient and effective email campaigns, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Representative or
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: Exact Target


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