Mobile Commerce – Moving Way Beyond Apps

A new study from JiWire shows just how accepting consumers are with making mobile purchases.  In fact, nearly 80% of consumers are comfortable making purchases from a mobile device. 

  • Half of mobile consumes are comfortable making purchases of $100 or more on their mobile devices.
  • Nearly 85% of mobile audiences partake in some shopping behavior on a mobile device in Q1 of 2011.
  • From Q1 2010 to Q1 2011, mobile purchasing activity jumped 20%

What Does This Means To You?
Embrace mobile.  It is more than just another form of store traffic, it’s  a great revenue stream with an effective ROI.  From QR codes and custom apps to mobile sponsorships, there are many solutions available to can create results for your business.  For more information on how we can help you be a mobile money maker, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Representative or
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: JiWire


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