Prepare For Grandma And Grandpa To “Like” You

Ever wonder how many FaceBook users there are in the U.S.?  Over 132 million!

  • The number of users is expected to grow 8% this year to next
  • By 2013, its projected that FaceBook will have over 150 million
    U.S. members
  • The biggest growth area is expected to be among older boomers & seniors
  • The number of adults 55+ who “like” a brand has risen nearly 50%
    since April

What does this mean to you?
There are an immense number of U.S. Facebook users and social media strategies can help your business grow and succeed.  As the face of social networkers continues to change, you need to alter the way you market yourself socially and how you tell people how to find you on social networks. For more information on how we can help ignite your social media campaigns and reach your target audiences, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative, or call:
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: EMarketer


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