Mobile Commerce To Hit $10 Billion Next Year

There is more and more evidence that mobile devices are extremely important to your success.  According to Forester Research, mobile commerce will top
$10 billion next year.

  • Mobile sales are  expected jump an average of 39% annually for the
    next 5 years
  • By 2016, mobile commerce is anticipated to hit over $31 billion
  • Currently 29% of retailers have implemented a retail strategy
  • 19% reported that they are starting implementation
  • 9% haven’t started working on a mobile strategy
  •  39% are in the early stages of developing a mobile strategy

What Does This Mean To You?
Is your website optimized for mobile? Have you ever thought about
having your own app? Are you using QR codes? Are you involved in mobile commerce? Your customers are very savvy mobile consumers,  if you are not utilizing the power of mobile – you are giving your competition the advantage. For more information on how you can tap into mobile success, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Representative or:
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: Forester Research


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