Connect With Millennials

For people between the ages of 16-32, the internet has been a part of their lives since day 1.  These millennials are destined to become a consumer powerhouse, possibly larger than the baby-boom generation.

Millennials & the internet

  • The average millennial spends 23 minutes a day online
  • 59% of get their news online
  • 55% of visit social networking sites at least one daily
  • 75% of have created a social network profile online
  • 62% use wireless internet away from home
  • 20%  have posted a video of themselves online

 What Does This Mean for You?

Millennials are a consumer segment that should be paid attention to.  There are over 830,000 Central Florida adults age 18-34, equaling nearly 30% of the total population.  How many of your  customers fall in that age range? These consumers relate in the digital world.  For more information on how we can
help you reach this important group, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group or:
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: Community 102


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