Consumers Using Mobile For Product Research

Mobile is rapidly becoming a research tool for shopping.  Whether it’s search, UGC, or social media – over 60% of consumers started their purchase path on a mobile device.

How consumers use their mobile devices in product research

  • Checked for sales & specials: 33%
  • Looked up store information: 33%
  • Checked product rankings & reviews: 32%
  • Looked up competitive pricing on Amazon: 31%
  • Browsed online store for products of interest: 31%

 What This Mean To You?
Plain & simple, you need to utilize mobile marketing.  Consumers are using mobile devices for researching, shopping and paying for goods & services. You need to make it easy for consumers to find you and shop on mobile devices.  Mobile optimization is just the first step.  From permission based SMS campaigns to QR codes, mobile sponsorships and even apps – there are many ways you can grow your business with mobile.  For more information on how you can move your business into the mobile space, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative or:
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: PowerReviews


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