Moms Are Mobile

The old axiom that mothers know best couldn’t be more true when it comes to mobile.  Besides being great target audiences, they are powerful users of mobile technology.  In fact, moms are 18% more likely than the general public to own a smart phone.

  • 78% of moms surveyed said they loved their smart phones
  • 51% said they were addicted to their smart phones
  • Moms spent on average 37% of their media time on smart phones

Moms respond to mobile ads too

  • Over all 46% of moms took action after seeing an ad on their
    smart phone
  • 52% followed with more research later
  • 51% talked to someone else about the ads
  • 31% clicked on the ad that lead to a mobile website or purchased a product in store at a later time
  • 14% purchased the product online at a later time

What this means to you clients?
One in five Central Florida adults are women with children under 18 in the household.  These  moms are more likely to live in households with high incomes and make great potential customers for you.   Nearly half of Central Florida moms own a mobile device.  Since we know that they rely on smart phones and mobile devices, doesn’t it make sense for you to use mobile technology?   For more information on the many mobile solutions available, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative or:
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: BabyCenter; The 2001 Scarborough Report Release 1


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