QR Codes Enhance Ad Recall

QR codes are more than just a funny square with black boxes, they are a great way for you to add recall to your message.  Recent research tells us that 72% of smart phone users would likely recall an ad with a QR code.  Also important is why they scanned the code.

  • 53% scanned the code to get a coupon, discount or deal
  • 52% looked for  additional information
  • 35% entered a sweepstakes
  • 26% registered to get more information
  • 24% accessed video content
  • 23% made a purchase or interacted with social media

What Does This Mean To You?
QR codes are a great customer engagement tool.  In fact, half of those who scan want to learn more about the product or services that the code belongs to.  When combined with a mobile optimized site, QR codes are a highly effective way to create awareness and create a link between your printed collateral and the digital world.  For more information on how QR codes can bring you results and meet your marketing objectives, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative or:
Al Fiala
Orlando Sentinel Media Group

Source: MGH


2 responses to “QR Codes Enhance Ad Recall

  1. Good stats on QR code usage. I think the future of QR Codes may be limited though and replaced by something that is a little easier on the eyes.

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