Audience Targeting Is Important

Before you begin any marketing campaign there are two questions you
need to answer.
What is my target market?
What are my campaign objectives?
Defining a target market is essential in developing an efficient & effective
campaign.  A recently released study reveals what kind of targeting is
most successful in reaching smart phone& feature phone users.

Smart Phone users

  • 60% responded they wanted offers tailored to their  interests
  • 17% like ads that were time-of-day specific
  • 14% preferred ads based on their location
  • 10% wanted ads suited to their lifestyle

Feature Phone users

  • 59% wanted interest-based ads
  • 8% wanted ads that were location-based

What Does This Mean To You?
First off, “everyone” is not a target market.  Talking to your most likely
customers or the type of client you want to attract is a key component
in creating good ROI.  It starts with your objectives & target market.
For more information on engaging your target audience,  please contact
your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative or:
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group



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