College Students are Mobile-Centric

It’s no surprise that college students are gadget crazy, but there are also mobile dependent.  A recent survey shows us that 47% own a smart phone and 7% own a tablet.  But their attitudes towards tablets point to a growing ownership trend:

  • Nearly 70% of college students think that tablets will transform the way students learn in the future
  • 63% believe that tablets will enhance their learning experience
  • Almost half think tablets will replace textbooks in the next 5 years

What Does This Means To You?
Besides being a huge consumer base right now, college students are the technology trend setters of tomorrow.  Nearly 40% of college students admitted not being able to go 10 minutes without checking   a digital device.  Odds are they will not become less digitally dependent.  You need to be invested in mobile opportunities to capitalize on this consumer base.  If you aren’t, it’s a good bet their competition will.  For more information on mobile opportunities, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Lisa Mercer
Orlando Sentinel Media Group


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