Young Adults And Brands On Social Networks

While older adults are warming to the idea of connecting with brands on social networks, millennials (Age 16-34)  users are fully engaged with them.

  • 53% of millennials like to check out brands on
    FaceBook & Twitter
  • One-third of them like brands more once the
    brand starts using social networking
  • Nearly one in four millennials interacted with content
    from a brand on a FaceBook page at least once a day

What Does This Mean To You?

Connecting with brands on social networks is part of the shopping cycle.  For millennials, it one of the main ways they find out about new products and
recommend them to others.  How are you managing your social networking offerings?  It’s important that your social presences portray your business in the best possible light.  For more information on how your social networking offerings can increase awareness and help you grow your business, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative or:
Al Fiala

Source: Center for Media Research


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