Incentivized Ads And Online Consumers

Many companies don’t view online incentives as a worthwhile part of a marketing campaign.  New research with consumer products ads are actually showing that online incentives not only build the brand, but the brand
involved is very important to the success of the incentive.

  • Nearly half of the people who interacted with an incentivized ad initially acted because of the incentive but ended up paying attention to the brand
  • 31% acted because of the incentive and the brand equally
  • Just 20% acted based totally on the brand or incentive

Behaviors that changed after exposure to incentivized ads

  • There was a 116% increase in likelihood of
    visitation to the brands website
  • 42% increase in likelihood of looking for the
    brand in stores
  • 32% increase in likelihood of buying the product
  • 23% increase in consideration over the brands

What Does This Mean To You?

Consumers are looking for deals and offering a good deal can help you turn a consumer into a customer.  While this research is based on consumer products, incentivizing your offerings can help your business as well.  Things like
offering coupons, instant discount codes, charitable donations, and even things
without tangible values like social currency can mean a boost to your bottom
line.  For more information on how to direct more attention to your online ads, please  contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative or:
Al Fiala

Source: EMarketer; Information Solutions Group


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