Mobile Shopping and Thanksgiving

The time after Thanksgiving Dinner used to mean tryptophan induced snoozes on the couch or watching the Lions lose another game.  But all that is
changing. First, the Lions are actually playing good football and mobile technology has started Black Friday shopping early.

  • 46% of consumes plan to make holiday purchases
    on a mobile devices
  • 60% of mobile shopping will take place at home
  • More than one third of mobile purchases are spontaneous

 What Does This Mean To You?
All of these behaviors are leading to something called Thanksgiving Couch Commerce.  And people probably won’t just be shopping for small gifts on mobile devices, nearly one quarter of mobile shoppers spent more than $100 on their last purchase.  For more information on how to make the holiday shopping season started early and get buyers more often, please  contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative, or:
Al Fiala

Source: EMarketer; Information Solutions Group


2 responses to “Mobile Shopping and Thanksgiving

  1. Al, this contains some great marketing tips. I hope your audience take note and contacts you for some assistance to make the most of these opportunities.

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