What Happens After The Like

Many companies have put a premium on consumers “Liking” their brand on FaceBook or following them on Twitter. But meeting followers’ social media expectations is very important to keeping them as loyal customers and influencers among their peers.

  • Nearly 60% of those who “Liked” a brand expect
    to receive exclusive content and discounts
  • Nearly half expect to receive product updates in
    their newsfeeds
  • Nearly four in 10 anticipate brands posting photos and videos in their newsfeeds and that companies will share this with users friends and families
  • Over 35% of those who “Like” think that the name of company or brand will show up in their profile or that companies will send them relevant content based on their profile and that companies will interact with their FaceBook page
  • Almost 40% of those who “Like” expect nothing to happen

What Does This Mean To You?

How you interact with customers through social media is rapidly becoming just as important as how you interact with them face to face. When you get people to “Like” your brand, it is an indication that they will likely purchase your products or visit your location. It also gives you the ability to further target your consumer base. For more information about optimizing your
social media offerings, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative or:
Al Fiala

Source: EMarketer; Exact Target


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