Twitter Followers Mean Business

There are many studies available detailing how important FaceBook
“Likes” can be and the consumer behaviors that “Likers” engage in.
Now, there is a new study that outlines how Twitter followers
can impact your business.

  • 60% of Twitter followers recommend brands to
    friends after they begin to follow them
  • 50% of brand followers are more likely to
    purchase from that brand
  • Just 21% of Twitter users follow a brand and nearly 80%
    of those who follow a brand follow less than 10 brands
  • 75% of respondents claimed they have never un-followed  a brand
    on twitter ( A prior study showed a figure of 41% have un-followed a brand)

What Does This Mean To You?

Social media can be a powerful tool in marketing your business,  But it also can be very hard to correctly manage your brand socially.  The viral nature of social networks can magnify any mistakes you make and one bad customer service experience can lead to a huge social media migraine.  Also – how are you going to get people to follow your brand? Well, three-quarters of people who “like” a brand on FaceBook did so because of advertising.
You can’t expect to start a Twitter feed or put up a Facebook page and expect to gain tons of followers.  You need to utilize all your marketing options to publicize your social offerings and benefits that your followers will receive.  For more information on how important social media management is, contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group Representative or:
Al Fiala

Source: Constant Contact; Chadwick Martin Bailey;
Mashable; Compete


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