Cyber-Monday And Retailers

Cyber-Monday got its start in the mid 2000’s when most people did not have high-speed internet in their homes, so they would holiday shop on the Monday after Thanksgiving from work.  While the most people have high-speed connections at home and mobile has gained ground on standard internet as a shopping platform, many online retailers still depend on Cyber-Monday and
retailers in general still have specials for use on that day.

  • Last year, Cyber-Monday was online retailer’s top day for paid search conversion.  They converted 26% of paid search that day, Black Friday was second at 23%
  • Cyber Monday was also their most profitable shopping day
  • Close to half of brick & mortar retailers plan on doing special couponing for Cyber-Monday and one-third will offering free shipping for online purchases (An earlier post detailed how free shipping was the offer that consumers said would most likely trigger a holiday purchase online)

What Does This Mean To You?

This is going to be a busy shopping season, 152 million US shoppers plan to hit the stores during this first weekend of holiday shopping.  Cyber-Monday may not have the pull it used to, but it gives you a chance to extend holiday shopping an extra day.  The key is awareness. Utilize all of your marketing tools to call attention to your offers and be sure to promote things like free shipping.  For more information on how to gain bigger results this holiday season, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala

Source: Marketing Profs; Marin Software’s 2011 Online Marketers Guide To The Holidays; NRF,


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