How Consumers Are Using Mobile Social Media

Did you know that 58% of mobile social networkers access social entities
almost every day?
That’s an audience of over 70 million prospective consumers.
Knowing what these mobile social networkers are doing can help you stay
relevant with them.

  • 80% read posts from friends
  • 70% update their status
  • 53% followed links to a website
  • 53% also read posts from organizations, brands
    and events
  • 45% read posts from celebrities and public
  • 35% posted links to a website
  • 33% received a coupon or deal
  • 28% clicked on an ad

What Does This Mean To You?

The strategies for mobile social media success in some ways are the same as standard social media and in other ways differ greatly.  Creating a relationship and gaining a “like” helps your organization through increased awareness and peer recommendation. But you also need to remember that the screen size can be restrictive and people expect brevity on mobile devices.
With over half of mobile social networkers reading brand posts, a third getting coupons and 28% clicking on an ad – it’s a target filled environment. For more information on how you can get results through mobile social networking, please contact your  Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala

Source: Comscore; Marketing Profs


2 responses to “How Consumers Are Using Mobile Social Media

  1. Hi Al.

    This is another great post. Facebook accommodates lengthy text posts. However, the more scrolling that one has to do on a little smart phone screen, the less likely the post will be read. The solution is to post a link to a blog post, coupon, or ad that tells the rest of the story. That way the text portion of the post is short. Video works well too.

  2. Excellent points Paul. Linking out to blogs, couponbs or other assets don’t just push traffic to your site(s), they also increase user engagement. Video and photos are the two thigs that increase engagement with FaceBook.

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