Hispanic Consumers Responsive To Advertising

The Hispanic community is a lucrative audience that your
business should be trying to reach.
By 2015, national Hispanic buying power is expected to reach
nearly $1.5 trillion and Hispanic consumers are receptive to advertising.

  • 31% of Hispanic consumers enjoy watching ads –
    that’s 63% higher than non-Hispanics
  • 30% said that advertising helps them choose
    products for their children – that’s double
    the percentage of non-Hispanics
  • 35% of Hispanic consumers said they remember
    advertised products when shopping
  • 48% of Hispanics said they expect advertising to
    be entertaining
  • 26% were more inclined to buy from companies
    that sponsor events

What Does This Mean To You?

When you take into effect their buying power and ad receptiveness, how could you not be interested in the Hispanic market.  In Central Florida, there are nearly half a million Hispanic adults.  This untapped market can make a difference in your bottom line.  For more information on how to effectively market  to the Hispanic community and see results, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer; Comscore; Selig Center for Economic Growth


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