Older Online Video Users Are More Responsive

In 2011, it’s estimated that nearly 160 million internet users across the U.S. will have watched online video. Almost 40% will watch between one and five hours worth during an average week. Older users tend to be much more responsive to online video than their younger counterparts.

  • Overall, 18% of online video viewers took some kind of action after seeing an online video ad
  • While 87% of younger users (18-34) may watch online video, just 9% of males in that group and 15% of females visited an advertisers web site or purchased the product after seeing the online video ad
  • Nearly half of adults age 55-64 and 30% of those age 65+ viewed video ads
  • Among adults age 55+, 26% of males and 19% of females took action after seeing an online video ad

What Does This Mean To You?

Online video is not just for younger users or for ads targeted towards younger consumers. Online video ads deliver a great response and in an earlier post we showed how they also generate higher product recall. Online video gives you a great method to target older viewers and move products designed for them. For more information on how you can better target the senior set, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer; Constant Contact, CMB; Compete

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