Women Want Mobile Coupons

With so many mobile devices deployed, our reliance on them and the state of the economy, it makes sense that shoppers are interested for mobile coupons.  A new study shows that women in particular are looking for them.

  • 55% of women said that they would opt-in to receive mobile coupons and offers
  • 90% said they would be very or somewhat likely to redeem mobile coupons
  • Over 70% said they would be likely to share mobile coupons they deemed valuable by via social network from their mobile device
  • While 75% of women reported using coupons, over 20% said they used mobile coupons

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile devices give your business many ways to share coupons & offers and put them in the palm of your customer’s hands.  They also give you an easy way to continue the relationship by offering deeper discounts for registration.  Shared offers also extend your message and could create peer-to-peer ecommendations.  For more information on how you can leverage mobile coupons and attract female shoppers, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Ping Mobile; Mobile Commerce Daily


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