QR Codes And Shoppers

QR codes are showing up all over the place.  Over the holidays, businesses seemed to implement them more than ever before.  While QR codes are still catching on,  those who scan are not just casual users.

  • Nearly 20% of adults who scanned a code made a purchase
    after scanning
  • Over 20% of shoppers who scanned a code shared that information with someone
  • Two in five scanners went to a QR code looking to get information to make a purchase
  • While just 21% of consumers know QR codes by name, nearly all surveyed had seen them 

What Does This Mean To You?

QR codes give you an easy way to link your print material to an online presence.  And even though it is relatively new technology, 70% of consumers found them easy-to-use.  QR codes are also a simple way to get your products in the mobile space.  Mobile is growing leaps and bounds and has quickly become an imperative with consumers.  For more information on how QR codes can improve your bottom line, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Chadwick, Martin Bailey; iModerate Research Technologies; Mobile Commerce Daily


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