Online Tools Used By B2B Decision Makers

While most of our posts deal with B2C marketing and may have some B2B applications, today’s offering will deal almost exclusively with B2B.  There is a new study out which tells us how B2B executives are finding information online and the tools they use.

  • Nearly 75% of B2B executives rely on search engines to do research
  • Just over half went to brand websites
  • 42% visited professional association websites
  • Less than 40% went to trade magazine sites
  • C level executives were more likely to use smart phone and tablets to research versus the general B2B audience


What Does This Mean To You?

Whether you are a vendor or are looking to expand into doing more B2B activities, it’s important that you know where and how decision makers look for partners.  With so many B2B professionals using search engines to find companies to do business with, SEO should be something that your organization is involved in.  The vast majority of consumers do not look beyond the first page of search results, it’s probably the same for B2B executives as well.  If you don’t show up at or near the top of the listings, it’s likely your company will not be seen.  Mobile is increasingly important in the B2B arena.  The people at the top of the food chain use mobile devices to research, if you do not have a mobile site these professionals will probably not spend time looking at your site and will miss your message.  For more information on how digital solutions can bring B2B success to your organization, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Google; Compete


2 responses to “Online Tools Used By B2B Decision Makers

  1. Very informative post. Thanks

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