Mobile And The Big Game

This Sunday much of the country will be parked in front of the television to watch “The Big Game”.  If you’re a Giants or Pats fan, it’s almost like a second Christmas.  While some people watch for the big plays, some becuase they are
are part of an office square pool and still others watch just for the commercials, a majority of people who plan to watch the game will use their mobile device during all the action.

According to a recent Harris Interactive survey:

  • Six in 10 mobile users plan to look at or use their device during this year’s game
  • Over 80% plan to use it more than they did during last year’s game
  • Less than 15% said they will likely use their mobile device during game play
  • More than one in four said they will use it during commercial breaks
  • Men are twice as likely as women to use a mobile device during the half-time show
  • 18-34 year old mobile users will, on average, use their devices 19 times during the game


What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile is the ultimate multi-tasking tool.  Even with all the money advertisers will spend to be part of the event, 26% of mobile users will be distracted from their message because of a mobile device.  Becuase of this trend, you will have an opportunity to deliver your message in the palms of users hands during a time when many already say they will be using smart phones & tablets.   Think off the many ways you can get involved.  Mobile social media is huge – maybe have a trivia contest on your Facebook page,  Twitter use will most likely be at an all time high.  It would be a great time to let your followers know about any specials you may have.  You could also put a poll on your mobile site and ask people to vote for their favorite commercial. From restaurants to retail, the high use of mobile during “The Big Game” gives you a chance to generate more interest for your business.  For more information on mobile solutions that can bring you big results, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Harris Interactive; Mashable


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