Millennials And Digital Word-Of-Mouth

Consumers have always depended on advice from friends to make purchase decisions.  But 18-34 year olds consider virtual word-of-mouth just as important as  a regular conversation.  According to a new survey from Bazaarvoice, 51% of millenials consider digital user generated content a primary influence on their purchase decisions.  Compare that to people age 47-54, just 34% deemed user generated content the most important factor – two-thirds of them said information or recommendations from friends, family or colleagues had the biggest influence.

How Millennials shared positive product experiences:

  • Social Networks  – 42%
  • Third-Party Sites such as Consumer Reports or CNET – 25%
  • Email to Friends, Family, Colleagues – 24%
  • Call the company directly – 4%
  • Other – 4%


What Does This Mean To You?

Your digital reputation is very important.  Millenials are poised to be a huge consumer segment in the future.  Negative user generated content can certainly affect their view of your company and the products you market.  It is also evident that they are more likely to electronically brag about you for a positive experience.  The size of Millennial’s social networks and the ease at which people can pass these messages on to others, can really help you establish a great reputation.  But logic says that they are likely to disseminate negative experiences the same way and can rather quickly tarnish your organization’s name.  For more information on how social media optimization and reputation management can help you increase customer loyalty, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Harris Interactive; Mashable; Bazaarvoice


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