Tablets Users Are Frequent Shoppers

Tablet computers are rapidly becoming shopper’s new best friend.  A recent study revealed that tablet users not only spend more time online with their device compared to other digital products, they also use it frequently to shop.

72% of tablet owners use their device every  week to make purchases

>  On average, tablet owners spend over 4 hours per week on their device.  Comparably, smart phone owners are online 2.2 hours per week and PC owners are online 2.9 hours each week.

 >  When purchasing a physical item, PCs are still the top buying platform – 78% of those surveyed used a PC to buy.  63% used a tablet and 39% used a smart phone

>  When buying a service or tickets, Tablets ranked number one – 55% said they used a tablet to complete the purchase.  47% used a PC and 28% a smart phone

>  69% of consumers used a tablet when buying digital downloads, 44% used a smart phone and 43% used a PC

What Does This Mean To You?

Tablets offer consumers a great shopping experience.  Their portability and functionality made them “the” gift over the holidays. And with news that Apple’s newest tablet is coming this spring, the tablet trend is likely to continue.  Tablet’s also give you a great way to mobile-ly display your business.  Whether it’s through search, browser or in-app ads, your business has the opportunity to further monetize mobile technology.  For more information on in-app ads and mobile opportunities, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: IAB; Mobile Commerce Daily


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