How Consumers Use Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become an extremely important part of people’s lives.  Saying that we have become dependent on them is an understatement.  Consumer’s constant interaction with mobile devices have also elevated their value as a way to tell your organization’s story.  There is a new study out that reports just how consumers are using their devices and gives us insight on how you can leverage people’s mobile addiction.

>  In 2011, over 6 in 10 consumers sent or received SMS messages on a weekly basis – an increase of 50% from 2010

>  37% used MMS services

>  Nearly half of consumers took pictures or video with their mobile devices

>  Nearly one in four checked news, weather or sports on their smart
phone or tablet

>  21% looked up directions or a map in the past year, compared to only
12% in 2010

>  30% of consumers relied on a mobile device to send an email at least
once a week 

What Does This Mean To You?

It’s amazing just how many different things people use mobile phones for and the number of products that they have replaced.  Those of us with a few miles on our tires remember when mobile phones (aka The Brick) were actually inconvenient. Look at all the ways consumers are using mobile devices.  Now, try and find one that your business cannot leverage to increase your top of mind awareness or brand recognition.  Whether it’s a permission based text message & email campaigns, utilizing user generated content, QR codes with valuable content or even geo-location information – you can get results from mobile campaigns. But it starts with a sound plan.  For more information on creating an effective mobile strategy, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Forrester Research; Mobile Marketer


2 responses to “How Consumers Use Mobile Devices

  1. I would suggest you should look at this theory of engagement of captive & idle minds, this is slowly growing in prominence. Subliminal Moment of Truth

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