The Growth Of Mobile Web Usage

Yesterday’s post centered on the activities consumers participate in with their mobile devices and how your business can take advantage of consumer’s  dependence on them.  One of the facts that came out was that about a quarter of consumers look up news, sports and weather information on their phone.  This goes back to mobile web usage.  The mobile web is probably the bedrock of why and how we are addicted to our mobile devices.  We are rapidly approaching the time when mobile web access eclipses wireline usage.

>  By 2015, more US consumers
will access the web from mobile devices than from PCs or other wired products

>  From now till 2015, mobile web access is anticipated to have a 17% annual growth rate

>  25% of consumers would rather go access the internet from mobile devices than PCs

>  In 2011, 34% of consumers accessed the internet from a mobile device – a 20% jump from 2010

>  More than one in five played a game on a handset or tablet

>  Nearly one in four used a mobile device to access a social network – nearly double the number of consumers from 2010

What Does This Mean To You?

The importance of having a mobile site cannot be repeated enough.  If your business is not fully mobile enabled you are at a competitive disadvantage and it is already, most likely, costing you business.  Consumers are using their smart phones and tablets to find, research and shop.  They  also have very little patience or use for a non-mobilized site that comes across their device.
Consumers use their mobile devices for convenience – the navigation of a standard site on a  mobile device is not always convenient.  As a business, you should be looking for ways to eliminate the reasons why consumers would shop the competition instead of you.  Not having a mobile site  is giving them an excuse and ignoring a tremendous potential traffic and revenue stream. For more information on how to effectively and efficiently get results from mobile, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Forrester Research; Mobile Marketer; IDC; Pew Center For Internet and American Life


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