What Likers Want

Yesterday’s post asked the question “Do “likes” equal loyalty”.  While there is still no definite answer, the evidence was obvious that someone who “likes” a brand is more likely to purchase that brand.  With that in mind, your company should do everything it can to keep the “likers” it has and employ tactics to organically gain new “likers”.  A global study from the CMO Council looked into what Facebook users expect to get once they “like” a brand.  This information is not only beneficial to keeping those who already “like” you, it could also help to gain new “likers”.

 •   Nearly 70% of those who “like” a brand expect to receive exclusive offers

•   Six in 10 think they should be able to interact with other customers and share experiences

•   57% anticipate finding games, contest and other unique experiences
•   Half want to get service and support help

•   41% want to share their ideas for new products and features

•   A quarter expect little or nothing from “liking” a brand

What Does This Mean To You?

Three-quarters of those who “like” your brand expect to receive something in return.  What are you currently offering Facebook users who like your brand?  “Likers” expect to get exclusive offers, content and interaction. Continually offering them the “10% off” coupon that anyone could get is probably not going to cut it.  You need to keep them engaged with content. Remember, these are consumers who are more likely to make purchases.  Retaining them as loyal customers will pay long-term benefits.  For more information on social solutions,please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: CMO Council


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