Shoppers Go Digital For Savings

Even though there has been some recent good economic news, shoppers are still looking to save money wherever they can.  A new reports shows that digital tools are providing them several great ways to help them stretch their budgets.

•  During the 4th quarter of 2011, nearly 40% of study participants downloaded coupons from a manufacturer’s web site

•  37% downloaded coupons from a retailer’s site

•  35% got coupons from a couponing site

•  Over a quarter of those surveyed had researched products on web sites
before purchasing

•  More than one in five visited an online deals site

•  All of these activities were higher in Q4 of 2011 than in Q2 or Q3

•  55% used a coupon &  49% checked newspaper circulars


What Does This Mean To You?

Consumers are actively looking for ways to save money.  Holiday credit card bills have hit and so has the money crunch with many consumers.  What has your business done to make it affordable for your customers to continue spending money with you?  We are not necessarily recommending the
Schooner Tuna approach (see the classic movie, Mr. Mom), but you should definitely look every opportunity to draw customers into your store.  Using coupons is a great way.  Also, price matching might be a tactic, depending on your business model.  It’s clear that consumers are doing their homework and preparing before they shop. For more information on ways to create awareness and draw more traffic, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: SymphonyIRI Group; Emarketer


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