Restaurants And Mobile Technology

Recently, we’ve done a series of posts on the restaurant business, focusing on what drives diner’s activities and how they choose where to dine.  Considering that mobile is such a big opportunity for so many businesses, we decided to look into the likelihood of customers accessing restaurant information via mobile device.  Equation research unearthed some very interesting information on the subject.

•  Patrons looking for fine dining information were most likely to access information on their phones – 64% very likely or very likely to get information on those establishments via
mobile device

•  Over 60% of consumers looking for local restaurants would likely get information from a smart phone or tablet

•  Over half of those interested in finding out about a casual dining chain restaurant would likely access information from a mobile device

•  Less than half of people looking for information on a bar or pub would research mobile-ly

•  The dining establishment with the lowest likelihood of people looking for information through mobile means were fast food establishments.  36% of consumers would look for fast food restaurant information on a mobile device. – this might be because we are flooded with information about them and they are usually on every corner


What Does This Mean To You?

This is just another piece of information proving how much consumers depend on mobile.  It also speaks to the fact of how important having a mobile presence is. If a local restaurant does not have a mobile site – they are most likely going to frustrate more than 6 in 10 of their customers.  There is increasing information that consumers are frustrated trying to navigate standard site on mobile devices.  You need to make it simple and easy for consumers to learn about you. Since more and more of that activity is happening on a mobile device you need to utilize all the functionality mobile can offer.  For more information on creating awareness mobile-ly, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Equation Research


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