Men Tend To Share More

If there is one thing that men are usually never accused of its sharing. But when it comes to personal information on social media, men are more likely to share information than women. A recent study found that younger men (age 18-24) are the most likely to share information and women age 50+ were the least likely to give personal information on social media sites.

• 35% of men age 18-24 said they were very comfortable with the amount of privacy protection available through social media

• Overall, just 17% of men and women were very comfortable with privacy protection

• Over two-thirds of social media users change their settings to control who is able to see what they publish

• A vast majority of adults were willing to share their names, brands they like, relationship status race/ethnicity, education and shopping preferences

• Between half and two-thirds of adults, depending on age, were willing to share their email address

• The types of information that ranked lowest on willingness to share were geographic location, phone number, income and physical address

What Does This Mean To You?

Targeting messages and offers by audience is one of the most effective & efficient ways to market any business. Yet, some of the most effective targeting parameters are just the types of information that consumers would rather not share. How do you get around this? In order to get the information, you need to offer customers something of value. The more information you want, the greater the value has to be. You have to think of it as an investment in your business. Information allows you to create offers that are more targeted and studies have shown that targeted offers have a better response. For more information in reaching your target consumers, please contact:
Al Fiala


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