What Email Gets Shared Most?

As a business, it’s great to hear positive feedback from your customers. It’s even better when they tell someone else.  Not only are they becoming an ambassador for you organization, their recommendation holds more clout with friends than you do.  This is one of the reasons why social sharing is so important.  But sharing through email marketing efforts is something that businesses don’t often consider.  But think about it, how easy is it for a customer to forward your message to a friend.  By knowing what emails are shared most often,you are just one click away from extending the reach of your campaign.

•   35% of all commercial email worldwide that has been shared contained a promotion with a discount

•   Just over 20% contained humorous content

•   19% contained a special incentive for sharing with friends

•   Another 19% were announcements with new information

•   The remaining 6% were emails containing controversial material

 What Does This Mean To You?

Most email marketing campaigns are based around building awareness or reputations, just 15% of campaigns were designed specifically to increase web traffic and sales.  With the amount of people sharing emails that contained promotions & discounts, there is an opportunity to increase emails designed to create sales. What kind of email marketing is your company doing?  One of the great things about email marketing is the ability to target specific audiences.  Because people tend to be friends with those similar to them, shared email further penetrates your target audience.  A shared email might actually be more valuable because it comes with an endorsement from someone they know.
You can assist consumers in sharing by adding “Share with a Friend” email widgets and reward them for sharing with a special offer.  For more information on email marketing and reaching your best prospects, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: EmailVision; Center For Media Research


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