Tablet Owners And Local Search

With Apple introducing their new iPad 3, there has been a huge buzz on tablets. Recently, a new study has been released that shows how important tablets can be to local businesses.

•   Over 60% of tablet owners conduct at least one search each week for a local business

•   86% of those who searched for a local business made a purchase as a result of that search

•   The top reason why people used a mobile device for a search was the need for on-the-go information

•  Nearly half of those who conducted a search with a mobile device used an application for their local business search

•   In the past 2 years, local business searches via social media has increased by 67% and 35% of those who search via social media do so on a daily basis

What Does This Mean To You?

Many companies are beginning to either fine-tune or develop a mobile strategy, many forget that SEO is also important.  Consumers, both mobile and standard wired, utilize search engines to find local businesses.  If you do not have SEO as part of your marketing plans, you could be missing a great deal of potential customers actively looking for businesses like yours.  Small and medium businesses need every tool they can in their daily fight against their large, well-funded competition.  SEO is something that you need to employ.  For more information on SEO and other important tools for small business,
please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Localeze


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