Hispanics And Social Media

Across the US, there are over 55 million people of Hispanic descent, this equates to roughly 16% of the total population.  Hispanics are not just a large, growing ethnic group, they also have considerable buying power.  Adding to the clout of the Hispanic community is the fact they are early technology adopters and are the leading ethnic group for social media use.

•   27% of Hispanics use social networks for six or more hours per day.  Just 9% of all internet users are on for 6 or more hours per day

•   8 in 10 online Hispanics have a Facebook account

•   Over 60% of Hispanic internet users access their Facebook account at least once a day

•   60% of online Hispanics have Twitter accounts and 35% access them at least once a day

•   Over half of Hispanics who access the internet have Google+ accounts and 45% have LinkedIn accounts

•  Roughly 30% have either Pinterest or Foursquare accounts

What Does This Mean To You?

In Metro Orlando, nearly one in four adults are of Hispanic adults and over half of them have accessed a social media site in the past month.  When you consider the growth of the Hispanic community and their economic impact, you’ll see a population segment that you should be marketing to.  Social media gives you the ability to create connections and engage this valuable ethnic community. The more you can get them to “like” or follow you on social media the better. It helps you to forge a relationship with Hispanic consumers and aides in creating awareness.  “Likes” and followers are great evangelists for your brand and will help turn more people into loyal customers.  For more information on targeting the Hispanic community or social media, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: US Census Bureau; EMarketer BigInsight


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