When Should You Send Commercial Email Messages?

Email blasts were probably the first type of digital marketing that online pioneers engaged in.  It still gives you the ability to target geographically and to  strategically segment your offers.  When you send your message can affect whether or not your message is read and acted upon.  A new survey from Informz gives us a global look at what goes into the success of an email marketing campaigns.

•  The average open rate for commercial email messages is 34% with a click rate of nearly 20%

•  Email sent in the morning receive the highest open rate at 39%

•  Email sent at night has the lowest open rate, 23% below messages sent during morning hours

•  Email sent during the late afternoon has the highest click rate at 21%.

•  What day of the week messages are sent have virtually no effect on open or click rates

What Does This Mean To You?

Email marketing is all about targeting.  The key to success is sending the right message, to the right people, at the right time.  While email sent in the mornings may the highest open rate, it’s probably not as effective to promote a happy hour special – unless the receiver is having a really bad morning.
It’s also very important to make sure you are targeting the right people.  If you are just collecting the email addresses of your customers, you are missing a huge pool of potential shoppers.  You need to strategically think about the offers you send.  Email should be used as part of an overall marketing plan – make sure your messages work together.  Email campaigns give you the ability to segment your offers – are you rewarding good customers with good offers?  Have you thought of luring back former patrons with deeper discounts?  Maybe introductory offers to acquire new customers.  For more information on how to make email marketing work for you, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Informz


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