Top Smart Phone Functions

Remember when phones, even standard cell phones, were mainly for making calls? Today’s smart phones are so much more than just a phone, they are complete communication solutions.  The ways in which smart phone owners utilize the functions of their devices give businesses more ways to connect and engage with them.  A new study shows that several smart phone functions continue to see usage growths even in just the last few months.

•  In Q1 2012, three-quarters of smart phone owners sent a text message.  Up from 72% in Q4 2011

•  Nearly have of smart phone owners used a downloaded app – up 10% in since Q4 2011

•  49% used a browser – another function that had double digit usage growth in just three months

•  36% accessed a social network from their smart phone.  In the 4th quarter of 2011, less than a third of smart phone owners’ mobile-ly visited a social network

What Does This Mean To You?

All of these smart phone functions can have a bearing on your business.  Consumers are comfortable with text messaging, developing a permission based text messaging campaign could benefit your business greatly. The key is that it must be permission based and you have to develop offers that your customers want and will share with friends.  Text spamming might be even more annoying than email spam, especially if the receiver has to pay on a per text basis.  In-app ads are very effective and are a great way for your organization to forge relationship with consumer and have extended periods of
engagement.  Because so many consumers search on their smart phones, having a mobile site is necessity.  Consumers become frustrated trying to navigate standard sites on a mobile device.  The last thing you want to do is frustrate a potential shopper.  As consumers begin to access social networks on their smart phones, reputation management and response becomes more important.  If a consumer has a bad experience, they can now tell everyone they know about it almost instantly.  If reputation management and social response are not part of your marketing strategy, you should look into it.  How you respond and remediate negative information is very important.  Things like bad reviews and customer complaints affect where people shop. For more information on mobile strategies that will win customers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: comScore

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