Mobile Social Media Activities

From yesterday’s post, we learned that over 35% of smart phone owners engage with social media through smart phones.  These on-the-go social networkers are a great audience to forge a relationship with.  Knowing what activities they engage in can help you form target them as potential customers.

•  85% of mobile social networkers read posts from people they know personally

•  Nearly 75% mobile-ly update their status

•  Six in 10 followed a link to a website

•  Nearly 60% read posts from brands, organizations, & events

•       Nearly half read posts from celebrities & public figures

•       Over 40% posted a link to a website

•       37% received a deal or offer

•       Nearly a third clicked on an ad

What Does This Mean To You?

Social networks are moving in a mobile direction and all of these activities can have implications for your organization.  The fact that 60% of mobile social networkers read posts from brands, organizations and events is huge.  This means that they will pay attention to your message, as long as it’s targeted to them.  The fact that one-third of social networkers are interacting with ads shows how valid social advertising is.    There has been several studies showing the impact of digital word of mouth – this is something you can leverage with mobile social networkers.  Have you thought about a strategy of rewarding customers for posting a positive experience while they are in your store or a status update telling their friends where they are shopping?   The combination of mobile & social opens up several innovative ways of engaging consumers.  In tomorrow’s post, we’ll examine the in-store activities that mobile shoppers are involved in . For more information on creating mobile and social strategies designed to bring in shoppers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: comScore


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