In-Store Mobile Shopping Activities

One of the things that mobile has had the biggest affect on is the in-store shopping experience.   There is a recent study that looks at not just what mobile activities consumers engage in while shopping but the differences between female and male shoppers.

•  Took Picture of a Product:
24% of female smart phone owners
20% of male smart phone owners

•  Texted or Called Friends/Family About
a Product:
22% of females
19% of males

•  Scanned a Product Barcode:
16% of females
20% of males

•  Sent Picture to Friends/Family:
20% of females
15% of males

•  Found Store Location:
12% of females
13% of males

•  Compared Product Prices:
10% of females
14% of males

•  Found Coupons or Deals:
11% of females
8% of males

•  Researched Product Features:
7% of females
11% of males

What Does This Mean To You?

The functionality of smart phones has made them nearly invaluable in our everyday lives.  One of the things this research points out is that shoppers are doing their homework while shopping in stores.
What has your company done to influence these mobile in-store shoppers?  While just one in five males and one in seven females have scanned a bar code, QR or 2D codes are a great way for you to keep them engaged with you instead
of possibly visiting your competitions site.  You can not only have coupons
and deals, but price comparisons and product information linked to a QR
code as well.  Just make sure your employees can assist customers who maybe having trouble accessing codes.  Also have call to action signage explaining
what they will get for scanning a code.  Another way to connect with mobile shoppers are permission based SMS campaigns.  Promote it in-store and offer
an instant discount for signing up.  For more information on mobile strategies that can lead to big results, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: comScore


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