The Online Male Shopper

Shopping is not something that a lot of guys enjoy doing.  This is often evidenced by the fact if guys find a shirt they like, they’ll get it in every color offered so they don’t have to shop for another shirt.  Online shopping has made shopping easier for guys – the fact that they can shop at their convenience is a huge plus.  That and the fact there’s not a sales person asking if you’d like try something on and you realize that you might be putting on pants that someone else has already worn.  A new study has been released that looks at men’s online shopping habits with some interesting results.

•  Over seven in 10 male online shoppers checked for the best price before purchasing

•  Nearly 60% read online reviews

•  44% told friends about positive experiences online corncerning products or brands

•  36%  are regular readers of online forums

•  Just over one-third said they have “liked” a product on Facebook

•  30% have posted comments in an online forum

•  Less than one in 6 said they ever left negative comments on a company’s Facebook page

What Does This Mean To You?

While men and women share many shopping traits, one of the most interesting differences has to do with influence.  In a recent post, we reported on a study where women basically said they have a responsibility to influence purchasing habits of their friends and families.  This research shows that men don’t generally share that feeling of responsibility. While over 40% will digital endorse products online and a small percentage will leave negative comments on social networks – men are more open to air their opinion on more male-centric categories.  For instance, roughly 8 in 10 men will share positive information in the categories of automotive or exercise and 68% have said they have “liked” a health or wellness companies Facebook page.  These are categories are also where men are able to be influenced.  Overall, 36% of man say they read online forums but over 70% indicate they read tech forums.  For more information on digitally connecting with males consumers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: emarketer; Men’s Health magazine; GfK Roper


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