Affluent Mobile Consumers

We recently had a post that talked about the growth of the mobile web and how the mobile web will have more traffic than the standard web by 2015.  The entry-level price of smart phones, cost of operation versus regular computers and increased availability of WiFi are probably the biggest reasons for the overall growth of the mobile web.  With all that being said, the affluent shopper is still very active in mcommerce.

• Over two-thirds of affluent consumers
have shopped on a mobile device

• Over 60% of affluent shoppers who shop with mobile devices have made a mobile purchase in the past year

• On average, wealthy mobile shoppers have spent an average of $628 through mcommerce

• Nearly three-quarters of mobile affluent consumers use apps at least once a day

• 80% of mobile affluent consumers have downloaded an app

What Does This Mean To You?

Even though affluent consumers prefer to make in-store purchases because of customer service, they are also strong mobile consumers.  The amount of choices and increased shopping access that mobile technology provides may reasons for this behavior.  One of the things that businesses can leverage to reach affluent mobile consumers is apps. Affluent consumers are more likely than others to download apps and their daily interaction gives you a great opportunity to connect with them.  Affluent mobile consumers are also interested in the shopping experience.  Tablets apps give users an enhanced shopping experience over smart phones and upper end consumers are more likely to own tablets.  Tablet owners are also heavy end shoppers – over 70% make purchases through their device on a weekly basis.  For more information on connecting with affluent mobile shoppers through apps and tablets, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Luxury Institute


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