Mobile Easter Shoppers

In yesterday’s post, we showed new research on the increase of Easter shopping.   From clothes to candy, consumers plan on spending more on the spring holiday than in prior years.  The date on which Easter falls is not the only mobile thing about the holiday, Easter shoppers are also mobile shoppers.

•  Over 40% of smart phone owners who celebrate Easter will use their device to research or purchase holiday items

•  Among tablet owners who celebrate Easter, over half will use the device for Easter shopping

•  Just over one in four Easter celebrating tablet owners will buy holiday items via the tablet and 37% will research products

•  Over nearly 20% of Easter shoppers will make an online purchase, thats up over 25% from last Easter

What Does This Mean To You?

Just as we saw with Christmas, Easter shopping is going mobile.  Does your company have a specific mobile strategy for holiday times? Not having a mobile strategy can mean a big difference in store traffic.  When you think of the amount of shoppers that are comparing your products to the competition or simply looking for store hours and direction on mobile devices – the lack of mobile strategy can cost you sales.  Remember that consumers utilize mobile sites different than standard sites.  Make sure that your mobile site is easy to navigate and prominently shows your location and offers tap to call functionality.  With so many consumers purchasing apparel during Easter, you may want to think of a tablet only site.  Just like a mobile site, it only displays on tablets.  These sites allow you to use the functionality of a tablet, the portability of a smart phone but gives you a larger screen size.  Also,  tablets offer great resolution, this helps with the “look and feel” factor of apparel shopping.  For more information on mobile strategies to boost your holiday sales,
please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: National Retail Federation


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