Consumer Interest In Mobile Coupons

For over 120 years, consumers have relied on coupons as a way to save money and economically sample new products.  Couponing is also a great way to affect mobile customers.  A new study has been released documenting consumer interest in mobile coupons.

•  55% of consumers indicated they were interested in mobile coupons

•  Just 10% have actually received a
mobile coupon from an advertiser

•  45% of consumers said they were interested in storing coupons in a mobile wallet

•  36% want to automatically receive coupons from local merchants

•  Nearly half want to be able to replace loyalty cards with an app

•  Four in 10 want to receive reminders about available coupons

What Does This Mean To You?

On-the-go consumers are looking for a better way to utilize coupons – what could be a better delivery source than an item that they carry with them where ever they go?   The easier any business can make it on their customers, the better off that business will be.  Another aspect to mobile coupons is the ease at which consumers can share them.  If someone is going to share your coupon with a friend or family member, it’s almost like a mobile endorsement for your business.  One of the most fascinating findings isn’t how many people are interested in receiving mobile coupons, but that just 10% of consumers had received mobile coupons.  If you offer mobile coupons, you need to promote the fact. This is another great way to build a database to mine from. For more information on generating business with mobile coupons, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Mercator Advisory Group


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