Differences in Mobile Devices

Many people are called 2011 year of mobile.  Actually,  it should probably be called “the  first year people started paying attention to how much consumers depend on mobile”.   As mobile matures, we are starting to see the differences in mobile devices.  Consumers use their smart phones and tablets in very different ways.  As a business, your mobile strategy shouldn’t be painted with one brush anymore.  A report has come out that details the differences and why it matters to you.

• Nearly 90% of tablet owners use them to access online content at home, 24% at work

• Over 70% of smart phone owners use their handsets to access online content while traveling,

• 88% of tablet use takes place in the living room and 79% of owners use it in
the bedroom

• Nearly half of all smart phone owners use it in the car

• The most important function on a tablet are browser-based activities such as reading content, playing games and watching online video

• Communication functions are tops for smart phones. Beyond making calls, 90% of smart phone owners either sent or received an SMS message

• Both tablet and smart phone users rely on their devices for email.  88%
of tablet owners and 84% of smart phone owners have opened email on
their devices

What Does This Mean To You?
Tablets use is growing very quickly and offer you many options to reach consumers.  Smart phones are firmly entrenched as a consumer tool.  These may both be mobile devices but consumers use them in very different ways.  Knowing how they are used can help you devise effective strategies. Tablets main use as a web tool gives you some very innovative ways to connect with consumers.  Smart phone user’s reliance on texting provides for one to one communication with customers.  Also the at home use for tablets means consumers probably can spend more time with your message.  The in-car use for smart phones means your message needs to be succinct  Email marketing is effective to reach both tablet and smart phone users.  For more information on how to leverage tablet and smart phone technology, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Forrester


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