Smart Phones As A Second Screen

In yesterday’s post, we learned that over 95% of smart phone owners use their device at home.  While tablet use is still growing, smart phones are defiantly the second screen in many consumers’ lives.

• Over eight in 10 smart phone owners are using their device while performing other tasks or involved in another activity

• Over half of smart phone owners either watch TV or listen to the radio while using their device

• Over 40% of owners use them while utilizing another internet enabled device

• 35% watch movies while on their smart phone and 28% play video games

• Less than 20% use their smart phone while reading a book, magazine or newspaper

What Does This Mean To You?

There has been a lot of news about smart phones being a distraction to drivers, the other thing a smart phone might be is a distraction to is the audience of broadcast media.  If you are currently advertising on radio or television, there is a good chance that consumers are paying attention to their devices and not your advertising.  With over 80% owners multi-tasking with their phones, you not only need to use mobile solutions – you need to have succinct messages.  For more information on mobile solutions that help you cut through the clutter and get the audience’s attention, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Google Study February 2012


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