Mobile Search Activities

There is no doubt how important search can be to the success of a businessa.
In fact, search is the top way younger consumers find local businesses.  With the rapid growth of the mobile web and increasing smart phone penetration, it should be no surprise that mobile search activities are high.

• 95% of smart phone owners have used a search engine via their handset

• Over 80% of smart
phone owners access
search engines once or
more a week

• Two-thirds of smart phone owners have made a search after seeing an ad

• Retail store or businesses ads and ads on TV created the most search – nearly 60% of smart phone owners searched after seeing them

• Nearly half of smart phone owners searched after seeing an ad in a magazine

• Over one-third of smart phone owners conducted a search after seeing a poster or outdoor ad

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile and SEO both are things that need to be part of your over-arching marketing strategy.  Mobile is important because if you don’t have a mobile site or solution, you are probably going to frustrate potential shoppers.  Search is important because it’s the way people find your business. not having a robust SEO strategy is equal to sending leads to your competition.  Most consumers do not go beyond the first page when searching for a business, many just rely on the first listing.  If you are not the first listing in your category or geography, who is and shouldn’t you be getting that traffic?   For more information on effective and efficient search & mobile solutions, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Google Study February 2012


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