Smart Phone Owners Notice Ads

Mobile consumers have definitely made their mark with advertisers.  There is no doubt that shoppers are using smart phones and tablets to research, browse and purchase product & services.  When it comes to delivering your marketing message, smart phones can be an effective tool.

• Nearly 90% of smart phone users notice ads while using their devices

• Almost half recall seeing ads while using the mobile web or while using an app

• Over 40% noticed ads while conducting a
mobile search

• Approximately one in four recalled seeing ads
while watching a video or visiting a retailer’s mobile web site

• One in five noticed ads while visiting a video website

What Does This Mean To You?

Think of all the different ways that consumers use their smart phones – surfing the web, using apps, searching and watching videos – during all of these activities, consumers recall seeing ads.  That’s one of the reasons mobile and smart phones should be a big part of you marketing strategy.  Smart phones give you the opportunity to place your message in the palm in potential shopper’s hands. But consumer’s don’t just see ads on smart phones – they act upon them.  In tomorrow’s post, we’ll bring forward some information regarding smart phone’s role in making purchase decisions.  For more information on how mobile technology can help put your message in front of more consumers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Google Study February 2012


3 responses to “Smart Phone Owners Notice Ads

  1. So that is cool if you want people to look at things but this article is actually missing CTR rates. That is the number that makes the register sound!

    • Iaax – Thanks for adding to the conversation. The study in question did not address click through rates but it would be interesting to see how much they differ from mobile solutions to desktop/laptops.
      We did a recent post on e commerce and just 1% of online consumers were primarily mobile shoppers. 45% shopped at both brick & mortor locations and online. Mobile may, like ecommerce, be more than a direct response mechanism and be evolving into an effective branding tool.
      Thanks again for commenting.

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