Mobile Point of Purchase And Decision Making

In yesterday’s post, we showed evidence that smart phone owners recall advertising across many of the device’s key functions.  But consumers do more than just notice the ads, they act upon them. A recent survey details mobile purchasing and the influence smart phone’s have on buying decisions.

• Over 30% of all consumers have ever made a purchase through a smart phone

• Over 60% of smart phone owners make at least one purchase a month via smart phone.  One in five makes a purchase on a daily basis

• 35% of smart phone owners said they intentionally bring their smart phone with them when shopping to compare prices and to get product information

• Nearly one-third say they have changed their mind about an in-store purchase as a result of information gathered while using their smart phone

• Almost 30% say they changed their mind about an online purchase because of information garnered from their smart phone

What Does This Mean To You?

The fact that 60% of smart phone owners make monthly purchases from their device should be evidence enough to make you examine your current mobile offerings.  Mobile consumers are easily frustrated by viewing standard sites on their handsets.  Your mobile presence needs to be functional, clean and user friendly.  Smart phone’s have also changed the landscape for retailers.  People are using their devices to compare prices and review products.  They are also looking at the reviews for your business.  If there are negative comments about your business, it’s in your best interest to address them.  Also, utilizing testimonials can present a positive view of your company and the products you sell.  For more information on reputation management and mobile commerce, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Google Study February 2012


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